Ego s.r.l.

Ego s.r.l. is a company founded in Turin in 2016 by a heterogeneous group of entrepreneurs. Strong significant professional experience, the team has developed a unique and perfect form device, revolutionary and intelligent.

Ego was born as an extremely demanding challenge: to insert electronics, intelligence and power in a non-conventional form: an egg!

Conventional devices compete on standardized forms, thinner every year.

The challenge of a new form showed us the need to redesign from scratch every single hardware piece. 

The induction charging of curved shape, is a solution which has no equal on market and has been designed in partnership with BRC systems. Firmware and Software was designed for mobile applications with a focus on maximum safety and a new look and feel. Egg and base communicate through standard protocols (Wi-Fi direct) but you can relax thanks to data encryption during transmission and in storage.


  • IoT
  • UX design
  • Business analysis
  • Mobile Development
  • System Integration


  • Communication and Marketing Manager
  • UX and UI designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software developer
  • Mobile specialist


  • IoT
  • Mobile application
  • System Integration
  • Custom hardware design

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