Missaglia SpA

Missaglia produced for over a century hospital furniture customer-friendly following a design principle which goes beyond quality, durability and ergonomics requirements.

Hospitals, clinicals care and homes for the elderly furniture.

Missaglia needed to manage maintenance flow on its products and meanwhile to create an inventory system that could be run by maintenance personnel without changing internal management, but integrating what it does not run. Company uses the ESA-Ready Systems

The developed technological solution, integrating all software systems which already exist in the company, rationalizes information and improves process traceability of preventive maintenance and of call interventions. Missaglia can provide this highly innovative solution in health today, keeping software investments made in the past.

  • – Graphometric signature module which guarantees in real time intervention module digitization and its archiving with customer’s signature for acceptance (integrated with GPS coordinates which validate report signature within the customer’s premises).
  • – Cataloguing hospital structures (locations, departments, rooms) for a faster maintenance-friendly furnishings detection.
  • – Improving business productivity through more efficient product inventories management and a first set of orders management task (always for maintenance only).
  • – Possibility to make efficiency analysis and economic opportunity through a statistic, KPI and geo-localization client dashboard.


  • Health
  • Furniture
  • Nationwide support


  • Mobile development
  • UX design
  • Business analysis
  • System Integration


  • Microsoft Azure Solution
  • IoT Architecture
  • Mobile application
  • Web API Integration







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